Monitoring of Employee Movements

Employees are definitely a company’s critical assets and when there is a breakdown in trust between the company and the employees, it will affect the entire operations, productivity and the effectiveness of the team.

We will run through a series of checks on your employees, whether you are suspecting fraud being committed or being dishonest, will give you peace of mind.

Pre-Employment Checks

Getting to know and getting comfortable with your future employee’s integrity is definitely critically important prior to hiring especially if it’s a senior position in the organisation.

By conducting a pre-employment checks – these checks include the person’s asset, bankruptcy status, and even marital status. Should additional information be required, more thorough investigations may be deployed. All these activities will put you and your organisation in a great peace of mind.

Mystery Shopper

Continuous good customer service and products quality, are rendered as key success factor in your business.   Our professional team will continuously provide feedback on their “shopping”, and their overall experience, and thus giving the owners continuous updates of the real situation in your business.

Insurance Fraud

Investigation on the beneficiary of a doubtful claim should be done as early as possible prior to a payout. Investigations will lead to evidence which will determine if the claimant is rightfully entitled to his claim.

Locating Missing People

Have you been trying to locate someone important unsuccessfully?   We may be able to assist you to locate this someone.   This someone could be an existing debtor, lost relative or friend, ex-partner, etc… we will try our best to provide you with as much information as possible on his whereabouts.