Case# 2013-MMM-0321

I strongly recommend the engagement of SG Investigators for Matrimonial cases; the project manager and the investigators are professional and efficient. With their excellent work, they were able to collect best online dating for professionals the relevant evidences within a very short duration, and sufficient for me to submit to court to file for divorce and custody of my children. SG Investigators provided a quick closure for me without spending too much. Thanks for your help, SG Investigators.

Client: Mdm Cecilia

Case# 2013-KMT-0129

I have used a number of PI firms before this, but I decided to engage SG Investigators after their project manager discuss with me in details on how they will go about doing the movement tracking of my daughter, and even provide some sharing on his experience with other clients with similar cases. And within a short span of time, they were able to provide videos and a full report of their results of the tracking of my daughter. And at the same time, with a few meetings with the project manager and the investigators, they have also provided some suggestions and advises on how I should have worked with my daughter than to mistrust her and going into such unnecessary activities. I have more understanding and trust of my daughter now.   Thank you SG Investigators, you guys are more than just a PI firm. I strongly recommend SG Investigators for their services.

Client: Mr M

Case# 2012-CEC-0502

I came across SG Investigators through another business partner of ours. They have shared with us how professional SG Investigators were and we decided to give them a try. It turned out that they were really professional and honest. They have briefed us on the advantages and disadvantages of doing certain checks and even advise us on how to ‘dig’ out certain truths from the these potential employees. I am very fortunate to have engaged them as our preferred partner in this work.

Client: A Fortune 500 Company

Case# 2012-CEC-0502

We have been receiving complaints from customers about one of our retail outlets and our service quality.   So based on some recommendations from our business associates, we decided to meet up with the team from SG Investigators.   They were very professional and presented a very structured process on how they will be doing this checks at that outlet.   They recorded a series of videos and photos and based on these evidence, we were able to conclude that this outlet manager has not been meeting our service standards, and we decided to terminate her services.   I would like to thank SG Investigators team of professionals who have done a great job for us at a reasonable charges.

Client: A Popular Local Retail Fashion Outlet

Case# 2014-CME-0297

I have spoken to a few PI firms and decided on SG Investigators as they spoke to me reasonably and managed my expectation on the outcome of the case.   As I need true evidence to proof that one of my existing staffs was not being unethical in his business dealings, I decided to engage SG Investigators to proceed with this case.   Although the case involved some risks, the project manager and the investigators were willing to put their full effort in ensuring they collected the relevant evidence for me.   They were willing to put in extra hours and even go the extra mile to help me proof that the staff was doing some illegal work and pulling my businesses away to his other company.   SG Investigators were able to collect all these evidence for me and provided me with the valuable advises on how to collect these evidence or even to setup the environment to collect these evidences.    I’m really glad that we have engaged SG Investigators for their services, they are truly professional and dedicated in their work.   I will not hesitate to recommend their professional and honest service to anyone to need such work to be done.

Client: A Local SME - Renovation Company

Case# 2014-COA-0426

I came across SG Investigators while doing a Google search, and although I saw so many positive testimonials for their services, I do have my reservations.   I need a really professional PI firm to check on one of our sales engineers whom we suspected was passing some of our business secrets to another competitor overseas.   But after calling them up and speaking to the project manager, I can certainly conclude that they were really professional.   After going through the case brief and some preparation with the project manager, they were able to start the investigation almost immediately, it really showed me how efficient they were and how serious their attitudes towards our case.   Within a few days of work, the team of investigators were able to collect sufficient evidences to allow us to terminate the service of this engineer, and with these evidences, worked out some kind of compensation with the competitor.   I would like to thank the dedicated team at SG Investigators.

Client: A Local Engineering Company